Unique Spawn Information
Culture Outlaws
Special Troop Zolona Messiah
Party Name Zolona
Spawn Location Northwest of Urlabay Castle

Zolona is a unique spawn and the leader of the Syrin Nomads.

Background Edit

Zolona and her Nomads come from the Aelston Desert, a land far east of the deserts of Drahara. The nomads were forced out of their territory as the Aelston began to be innundated with violent sand and dust storms, and after weeks of travelling they eventully stumbled on Drahara. Seeing the Draharan lands as familiar to their own, they began skirmishing with local Draharan lords to expand their influence in the region. Zolona leads these efforts, seeing the Draharan people as thieves of their land and way of life.

Army Edit

Zolona's party spawns with the following troops:

Total size: 241-381 men

Scouts Edit

Zolona's scouting parties spawn with the following troops:

  • 10-25 Zolona Messiahs

Skills Edit

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