Unique Spawn Information
Culture Illica Falki Raiders
Special Troop Illican Hero
Party Name Zeladeck the Chosen One
Spawn Location South of Sut

Zeladeck is a unique spawn and the leader of the Illica Falki Raiders.

Background Edit

Zeladeck, the Illica's greatest Falki Knight, was not raised Illica to begin with. He was orphaned at a very young age, and was instead raised and trained by foresters. One day, when he was still a small child, Zeladeck found an injured Falki Knight who had been left for dead after a bloody skirmish with a Drachen patrol. Zeladeck persuaded his caretakers to tend to the wounds of the doomed knight, and stuck by his side in the following months of his convalescence. The knight and the child grew close in those months, and when the knight finally regained sufficient strength return to the Illica, he convinced Zeladeck to ride with him to the clan's nearby camp. In what some have called fate, and others pure coincidence, it was discovered that Zeladeck was not only of Illica blood, but that he was in fact a direct descendant of the Sky King, the strongest and most respected of the Illica. Zeladeck was taken into Illican care, and began his training at the age of ten. By nineteen, he was commonly recognized as the strongest Falki Knight in the Sky King's ranks.

Eventually, Zeladeck decided to revisit his home, to thank the foresters who cared for him and the wounded Illica Knight all those years ago. When he arrived, he was shocked to find the small village sacked and pillaged. Enraged, Zeladeck went to the Reich in search of his foster parents. He eventually stumbled upon Herzog Oskar, who he discovered had murdered his parents in the raid. The two fought a vicious and protracted duel, and though Zeladeck was clearly more adept with a blade, his blinding rage hampered his abilities. The two broke apart, exhausted, and Baron Oskar and his party returned to more friendly territory.

Bestowed with new command over Illica Falki forces, Zeladeck and his skilled fighters now aim for all-out war against the Reich, and will not hesitate to trample over anyone else who stands in his path.

Army Edit

Zeladeck's party spawns with the following troops:

Total size: 561-911 men

Scouts Edit

Zeladeck's scouting parties spawn with the following troops:

  • 10-25 Illica Falki Rangers

Defeating his army rewards the player with the legendary sword Skyfall

Skills Edit

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