The Zann Outpost is a fort initially owned by the Imperial Scouts. It is located north of Laidir Castle, remaining hidden until the player comes within spotting range.

When the Zann Dynasty invades, the Zann Outpost turns into a fully functional castle and serves as their initial base of operations for the invasion.

Inside the fort Edit

The NPCs that the player can interact with can be found standing inside the fort near the back.

Zann Fort Captain Edit


Location of the Zann Outpost

The Zann Fort Captain offers Zann Ronins and Imperial Scouts for hire, explaining that his men are restless for some battle and would like to join a foreign mercenary leader. Each Zann Ronin can be hired for 500 aurums, while each Imperial Scout can be hired for 800 aurums.

Xioa Shang Edit

Xioa Shang is a merchant that sells all kinds of Zann armor, melee weapons, and ranged weapons. Shang stocks anything from the cheapest Steppe Clothes to the elite Yoroi armors that can be found on Zann troops.

Wei Xianji Edit

Wei Xianji is a horse merchant that exclusively breeds and sells Zann horses. Most types of Steppe horses can be found here.

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