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Zann Emperor's Guardians are the household troops of Emperor Zann Mandate of Heaven.

When the Zann first invaded, villagers and soldiers running from the terror and destruction that the Zann army brought upon their homes noticed peculiar warriors with strange, but intimidating masks wielding an exotic two-handed weapon or strange glaives. Some have claimed to have also seen them in the personal retinue of the Emperor himself, a contingent of these strange warriors that are never far from the Emperor.

Elegant, aggresive enforcers of the Emperor himself that are a match for ten of their enemies. Outfitted with plated steel encasing their already tough and flexible yoroi, they are not easy to take down even with their lack of shields. Swift, strong, and wielding the deadly Nodachi or The Blade of Dragon Dynasty glaive they can combat even the most battle-hardened elite troops the Kingdoms of Perisno can muster. Their presence on the battlefield can be seen once they start slaughtering your infantry or even stop your cavalry charge, provided that they don't intimidate your troops first with their spine-chilling gaze.

The only effective counter against these terrifying units is ranged troops. The elite troops of the Zann Dynasty are rarely equipped with shields, these men are no exception. A regiment of elite archers can decimate these units with ease.


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