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Wolf Constable

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Weekly Wages
196-786 aurums
Acquire From
Upgrades To

Wolf Constables are mysterious leaders of the The Wolf Knights. They are the top-tier troops of the Wolf Knights, one step above the Wolf Elders, however they cannot be acquired through upgrading from the Elders. They also cannot be taken prisoner, as they always fall dead in battle if defeated. At level 85, the Wolf Constable is the highest-level normal troop that can be found in Perisno, and is an incredibly formidable enemy to face on the battlefield.


The Wolf Constables are the highest-ranking members of the Wolf Knight order, and possess very unique physical gifts that give them superhuman strength and a special connection with their Dreaded Wolf mounts. These gifts are the result of an eldritch ritual performed in deep secrecy in the lairs of the Wolf Knights, a ceremony whose details are only known to other Constables and the great Baron Gereon. It is said that Gereon has allegiances to both the Wolf Knights and the Reich des Drachen, hence why the Constables place their trust in him as a leader.

They can never be captured in battle because they will always choose to fight to the death rather than risk giving up the secrets of their kind.



Dragon Scale Armor
Great Helmet / Sugarloaf Tipped Helmet
Black Steel Greaves
Black Plate Mittens
Bleeding Killer
Old Age Steel Shield
Dreaded Wolf