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This is an open guide, make a new paragraph under heading and its sub paragraph under sub heading 2, rules

No Swearing

Or Racism

No Bias

Mark your headin

Starting Tips - Willbafix1 Edit

The Beginning is tough as anything, the trick here is related to your playstyle,

- Ranged

Race: Elf

Father Was: Hunter

Childhood Spent as: Steppe Child

Grew Up to: Game Poacher

Inheritance: Fathers Bow

The stats will affect you greatly, elves are natural archers, your backstory will give you 10 Power Draw and some tracking, spotting, and pathfinding to boot, you will start with 3 Furs and alot of food that will not rot, now starting this build i advise hunting around tolrania, maccavia for animal herds as the inflation problems only start when the player lets them happen, This is my personal playstyle and its so fun to pick off mid - low high tier deserters with a bow, just dont get cocky kid, you still need to be careful, dont try going all rambo without some horse archery, you start with a fast horse and i advise puttiong points into horse archery, when you start this play style i advise bounty hunting in a nation you wont be visiting much, the dwarfves and elves that belong to small factions and the dwarves are often of no consequence for most of the campaign

- Melee

Ok here we go this is it

this is a build area ima do this for ranged some time soon


Father Was: Theif

Childhood spent as: urchin

Grew Up: To Steppe Child (why not)

A rouge is an interesting style for M&B, its not something that really suits it but it can be fun in forests, knifves knives knives baby, this playstyle can be interesting and hard!

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