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This wiki is to help those who need info about the mod, about factions, game play, characters, etc. Let's start off with the basics.

If you do not have the mod yet, it may be found here:,284936.0.html .

There are 18 companions so far in the mod, an additional companion from a unique start and another from a quest, totaling up to 20. For a list of them, check this page.

Major Factions[]

There are 16 resident factions plus two invading faction in Perisno. For more details, click on the faction name below or here: Factions.

Normal Factions[]

Invading Factions[]

Minor Factions[]


Just like the native game itself, there are main factions and minor ones. All the major factions are fighting for control of Perisno, each thinking they are the rightful heirs to the kingdom. Minor factions are there to cause trouble among the major ones, and the other minor ones. A major feature of Perisno is implementation of Invading factions.  

According to the developers, Perisno is far more deadly and unforgiving than the native version of M&B. It is recommended that the player take their time exploring the map, and building a strong army before assaulting a faction itself. It is hard to use "steam roll" strategies to get the best troops. ( for a guide look here or here: guide. )

Perisno is an integrated collection of new and existing content carefully chosen to make M&B enjoyable, and to feel like a professionally crafted medieval war game. Towards that goal, troops are intentionally designed with certain weaknesses and strengths to help balance gameplay. Some troops are stronger than others, and some counter each other. 

The developers continually improve the Perisno experience. Do not rush them. Suggestions and encouragement are welcome at their forum page here:,284940.0.html .

For more in-depth guides to Perisno, see Category:Guides

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