Volheere Raiders pic

The Volheere Raiders is a minor sea raiding faction coming from the continent of Nisaynia. It is led by Úlfhéðnar.


The Volheere raiders came from the continent of Nisaynia, which is near Perisno. They are a hard people, having to live through the harsh winter climates of their continent. Somehow, they survive through it yearly, but the past decade has been particularly rough to them. They believe that their god, Woden, has forsaken them and they are no longer worthy people. They decided that they are not "holy" enough to live on the land of Nisaynia, where their gods roam. The entire Volheere people sailed away, and happened to come to Perisno. They landed on the coasts and sacked everything they could find. Since then, they have established themselves as a minor power in Perisno. Their berserkers are a feared group, and the leader, Úlfhéðnar, is a formidable man. It will take a strong hero to defeat the Volheere raiders and wipe them off the face of the earth.



An army of Volheere Raiders

The Volheere Raiders have an all infantry troop tree. They have good armor and loot and the larger parties are a challenge to defeat. 

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