Venetoran Sabovalar


Weekly Wages
39-154 aurums
Acquire From
Upgrades To

Venetoran Sabovalars are sixth-tier troops of the Venetoran Empire.

Elite legionaries serving under the famed Sabovalar regiment, one of the most powerful and skilled foot soldiers in Perisno. Highly disciplined, tenacious, and fearless, they are renowned for their combat prowess with their iconic twin swords, the Golden Sabovalar Sword. They use these weapons to great effect, using one of them to deflect attacks, even arrows, and the other to inflict damage. Clad in Blacksteel Legion Segmentatas and their masked Sabovalar helmets, they are extremely hard to take down.

They excel at killing other infantry with melee proficiencies surpassing even the Valahir clan infantry and Geldarin Foot Knights and should be used as such.

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