Venetoran Empyrean Legionary


Weekly Wages
39-154 aurums
Acquire From
Upgrades To

Venetoran Empyrean Legionaries are sixth-tier troops of the Venetoran Empire.

Legionaries who have survived countless battles and served long enough with such distinction that they are given the title "Empyrean". Renowned for their survival and combat prowess, they prefer to forego the specialized training and transfer to the Sabovalar regiment and instead rely on what they have learned from multiple battles. They are issued top-tier legionary equipment, such as the Imperial Gladius and Legion Pilas as their main weapons and they now use the Assault Scutum as their shield, which is sturdier than the regular scutum. They are outfitted with Mailed Legion Segmentatas, much stronger than their regular counterparts. They are one of the finest combat units in the Venetoran Army and they will serve with distinction.

These legionaries are much stronger than their fellow legionaries and their Legion Pilas have a bonus against shields, which make them effective against armored infantry. They can also use them to fight cavalry since their gladius' lack the range to effectively combat cavalry.

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