Valahir armies are made up entirely of foot units. Despite their lack of cavalry, their infantry boast defense and hp second only to the warriors of the Kaikoth Confederation, and their reasonable speed means the Valahir are still a viable force on the battlefield.

Valahir Troop Tree

Troops[edit | edit source]


Household troops:

Other troops:

Noble Troop[edit | edit source]

Valahir noble units are effectively more powerful versions of their mainline infantry counterparts. With better statistics and equipment, the Valahir Thegns and Jarls are effective at devastating infantry units, and are slightly more agile than other infantry of similar strength.

Strategy[edit | edit source]

With an army that entirely consists of infantry, Valahir commanders may find themselves at a disadvantage against cavalry charges. However, top-tier Valahir units are tough and capable of defeating some heavy cavalry attacks. Also Valahir archers provide very good cover for the infantry.

Unique Feature[edit | edit source]

In additon to every unit other than the Huskarl being armed with an axe of some sort, all branches of the Valahir troop tree can upgrade to the sixth tier. Their widespread use of throwing axes also makes them effective at breaking enemy shields.

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