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The Valahir Clan is one of the major factions of Perisno. It occupies the large island north of the lands of the Reich des Drachen and Maccavia. The Valahir Clan is ruled by King Ingveld.


Hailing from Nisaynia, the Valahir people are a dominant clan. The Volheere Raiders are only an offshoot of their clan and even though they left the island because of harsh weather and no food, the Valahir Clan still rules and survives by demanding tribute from conquered tribes. Now, though, they’ve set their sights on Perisno with their abundant resources. However, many are reluctant to make the journey. The Valahir Clan is ruled by Clan Leader Ingveld and his vassals known as Aethlings. Their troops are all archers and infantry. Valahir heavy infantry can match the Maccavian Northguards in strength. Should the Valahir clan rally under Ingveld, the Maccavians - and possibly the whole continent - is in danger...




Tier Troop
1st Valahir Thrall
2nd Valahir Landi
3rd Valahir Drengr Valahir Bogisveinn
4th Valahir Hardened Drengr Valahir Bogirre
5th Valahir Seggr Valahir Heavy Bogirre
6th Valahir Huskarl Valahir Hersir Valahir Ullr
7th Valahir Vassargl Valahir Hiligord
Tier Troop
1st Valahir Thegn
2nd Valahir Jarl
3rd Valahir Asbjarl
Valahir TT.jpg

The in-depth guide to the Valahir's troops can be found here.


  • Very strong heavy infantry with high-damage weapons and good shields
  • Archers are proficient at both ranged and melee fighting
  • Most foot soldiers have powerful ranged throwing weapons


  • No mounted troops leaves armies susceptible to flanking attacks
  • Archers outclassed at range by similar-tier units of other factions
  • Takes substantial time to train infantry troops through seven tiers




  • Wotin Castle
  • Amarhus Castle
  • Fimbul Castle
  • Alnar Castle


  • Reyoarfell
  • Skapta
  • Jorundarfell
  • Grenmarr
  • Kaldrus
  • Enga
  • Mor
  • Vole
  • Moberg


  • The Valahir Clan is inspired by the Vikings and Anglo-Saxons of Northern Europe.