Wow, this got started pretty quickly. I'm happy of that, but enough small talk. 

I noticed that you guys used Elven Language for the Elintor. Can't tell which one, but I thnk the Falcon should get Quenya (because they're basically Gondor). So either make both Quenya (the first Falconian Lords were Elves as far as I can remember) or maybe make the Elves other languages such as Sindarin of Noldorin.

With that said, there's nothing wrong with locations having different names. The ideal is to give every location a native tongue name and from there work out one that can be used in a sort of "Common Tongue" (bloody hell, Tolkien you really got us all, have ya?). Border locations should have more names, I noticed all the various names to the Halfith pass (the Perisnoan Lore is covering us on the common name of this one atleast) and it really looked, just, cool.

Anyway, I wish to debate the cultural correspondence between the Perisnoan factions and the "real" ones:

1) Tolrania: Just England really, maybe some old Anglo-saxon name can be added.

2) Elintor: Sindarin, Noldorin, Quenya or another Tolkienan one. Why Tolkien?...

3) Falcon: ... because Gondor apparently exists. Anyway, the Gondorians and the Falconians really look alike even in their cities, do they? Definitely quenya for them.

4) Maccavia: This is a  weird one. They are definitely Nordic, but not as Nordic as the Valahir. Maybe Danish can solve this

5) Reich: German, of course. Maybe Westphalian in particular (but I'm not german, so IDK)

6) Valahir: I found out that Norwegian isn't that bad. But Icelandic is tempting as well.

7) Hakkon: Greek. Atleast Byzantine Greek. Definitely

8) Kaikoth: I think Warhammer can cover us on this one.

9) Drahara: Arab, maybe the variety of Arab that is the nearest to Altaic nomads (Turks, Mongolians...)

10) Cretas : The only good clue about them is the title Knyaz. It really is kind of significant, historically the Germans, while moving East, forced the Slavic populations to flee. With that said, they are only significant for that forest and a river. Maybe the Mountain range behind the castle.

11) Kuu-lan: One of the Altaic cultures (got some good suggestions in the TW forums, but we gotta chose one unfortunately).

12) Giants: They seem to have a made up language, can't deal with them effectively.

With that said, if you think that we shouldn't stick to much to other cultures because this is Fantasy, you're absolutely 100% right. Merging some to make these factions more distinct (a little bit of german for the maccavians wouldn't hurt for example), but what do you all think? I hope the comments are enabled for blog posts, else I'll have to create a Forum Thread.

EDIT: Dear god I forgot Aroulo. No clue on this one, maybe a native american language?

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