First of all, as a Chinese, I have different views.

To be honest, the background is a bit of a mess, if it is said
Elyin (the original mahogany) (321 years)
Perry Snow (unknown year) (player kingdom is no longer available)
The emperor's Empire (330 years of the era)
(328 years of the era)
Malaysia (346 years of the era)
Della chatting (359 years)
De la Chic (363 years of the era)
Confederation of Caicos (unknown year)
These are the years when every country came to Perry Snow or known.
In fact, it was a few years, for example, in the legend that the falcons led to the growth of landann farmers, machai blacksmith and Drace Empire merchants, but the age was 340, and Drace had not landed.
There is also this "era 350 years, the trouble came after the death of emperor Hon II." the age of the game was 365 years.

But the author seems to rearrange the background, perhaps more perfect.

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