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  • Flameroran77


    January 12, 2016 by Flameroran77

    Yeah, so like I predicted, I forgot about my list pretty quickly. It looks like people managed to create some basic pages for the troops I'd mentioned before, so I guess my focus now should be on minor factions, particularly mercenaries. Not a single Mercenary troop page, so probably a good place to start.

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  • Flameroran77

    To do list.

    July 17, 2015 by Flameroran77

    A list of things I plan to do to make this wiki great, just in case anyone else wants to pick up my slack when I forget instantly.

    - Create a more standardized format for faction/military pages. - Create pages for the following troops: Kingdom of Tolrania: Tolranian Recruit, Tolranian Footman, Tolranian Bowman, Tolranian Longbowman, Tolranian Veteran Longbowman, Tolranian Archer, Tolranian Veteran Footman, Tolranian King's Guard, Tolranian Hacker, Tolranian Headhunter. Maccavia: Maccavian Freeman, Maccavian Axeman, Maccavian Footman, Maccavian Swordsman, Maccavian Swordsmaster, Maccavian Northguard, Maccavian Crossbowman, Maccavian Heavy Crossbowman, Maccavian Marksman, Maccavian Heavy Marksman, Maccavian Mounted Marksman, Maccavian Spearma…

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