Why does everybody wants to call their characters "King"/"Queen"? I like to fancy things up. And yeah, Prisoner Managment is cheated :/

YOU!! Yeah you. Do you wanna expand your horizon? And I´am not talking of Meth, Cocaine, MDMA, LSD, Weed, Heroine or that stuff you snorted yesterday from your dogs ass. NO!! Just download Perisno. Seriously, download it. Nuff Said

How to pump up your character without cheats (not even that fancy stat editing cheat)[edit | edit source]

1.Get Prophesy of Pendor

2.Get those funny little superstones of extreme, hardcore, super rarity (Qualis Gems, wuhuu) Two ways to get these:

  • Fu**in Noldor Tournaments
  • Defeating Unique Spawns
  • Chests, chests, chests (well....there are actually only two of them)

3.Buy the liquid piss, which one of the book vendor is selling to you for one Qualis Gem

4.Drink it (YEAH DRINK IT!!!!)

5.Repeat Step 2-4

6.Train with Noldor Trainers (Yap, thats from LotR)

7.Don´t cheat so you get the Achievment rewards.

8.Repeat Step 6-7

9.Nailed it

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