Uniter Zengi
Unique Spawn Information
Culture Drahara
Special Troop Draharan Elephant Kawakan
Party Name Drahara Elephant Mercenaries
Spawn Location Southwest Khul Vara

Uniter Zengi is a unique spawn and the leader of his personal company of elephant-mounted troops.

Background Edit

Uniter Zengi was a young soldier in the Drahara Army wanted to be more than just another body to be thrown into battle. He deserted his camp at night and set off into the desert, vanishing from all known contact for weeks. Upon his return, not only did Zengi ride back into Draharan lands atop a fearsome, roaring elephant, but so did the near one hundred men that followed in his footsteps.

Army Edit

Uniter Zengi's party spawns with the following troops:

Total size: 66 men

Skills Edit

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