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Unique Spawns are special parties that occasionaly spawn on the world map. They usually belong to one of the minor factions, and the larger ones are often led by the leader of said minor faction.

List of unique spawns[]

Party Name Leader Faction Rewards For Defeating Troops
Assassins of Ral'Daiun Ral'Daiun Assassins of Ral'Daiun 1 Ral'Daiun

110 Assassins of Ral'Daiun

50 Female Assassins

85 Mercenary Impoverished Knights

100 Mercenary Snipers

50 Shieldsmen

Grazir Marshal Ialoch Marshal Ialoch the Fiend Grazir Worshippers 1 Marshal Ialoch the Fiend

5 Unholy Grazir Generals

15-35 Grazir Death Knights

25-50 Grazir Invokers

70-140 Grazir Worshippers

150-300 Grazir Pilgrims

Divine Aethling Elites Aethling Culgrah Maccavia 1 Aethling Culgrah

80 Divine Aethlings

Drahara Elephant Mercenaries Uniter Zengi Drahara 1 Uniter Zengi

65 Drahara Elephant Riders

Dreaded Nightmare Dreaded One Grazir Worshippers Reveals

Shrine of Grazir

1 Dreaded One

20-40 Dreaded Doomguards

50-75 Dreaded Fiends

100-150 Dreaded Ghouls

300-400 Dreaded Fallen

General Yachamoci General Yachamoci Zann Dynasty 1 Yachamoci

60-130 Zann Mounted Berserkers

80-270 Black Warriors

Hakkon High Inquisition High Inquisitor Esarion Hakkon Empire 1 Baibars Hakkon

100 Hakkon Inquisitors

High Dragon Priests High Priestess of the Dragon Amara Reich des Drachen 1 High Priestess of the Dragon Amara

74 Drachen Priester

King Rafklazan King Rafklazan Ukundu Nisaynian's Legacy 1 King Rafklazan

20-50 Ukundu Princesses

50-100 Vixen Riders

100-200 Ukundu Tigresses

150-350 Ukundu Warriors

Kunika High Priest Kunika Neutral 1 High Priest Kunika

99 Sectarian Dragon Priests

Lord Ceylius the Dishonorable Lord Ceylius the Dishonorable Outlaws 1 Lord Ceylius the Dishonorable

20-50 Masnerian Household Guards

60-120 Masnerian Knights

40-70 Mercenary Snipers

70-155 Mercenary Veteran Crossbowmen

185-270 Shieldsmen

Nibor Hood Nibor Hood Outlaws 1 Nibor Hood

50 Nibor's Brotherhood Marksmen

200-400 Wandering Criminals

Nox of Zephilli Nox of Zephilli Outlaws 1 Nox of Zephilli

45-60 Perisno Runed Knights

50-70 Perisno Holy Champions

60-80 Perisno Zealots

70-90 Perisno Squires

75-100 Perisno Cavalry

Onishi Onishi Zann Dynasty 1 Onishi

50-120 Zann Yumi Masters

70-150 Zann Kamikaze Warriors

150-270 Zann Ronins

Order of Faith Grand Paladin Siegfried Church of Faith 1 Grand Paladin Siegfried

20-40 Paladins of Faith

50-75 Templars of Faith

100-150 Defenders of Faith

250-300 Disciples of Faith

Queen Aegea Matriarch Aegea Ankars 1 Matriarch Aegea

45-80 Ankars Matriarch Guards

55-110 Ankars Virgins

60-120 Ankars Rangers

80-160 Ankars Warriors

100-200 Veteran Gladiators

Elintoran Elites Forodan Elintor 1 Forodan

69 Elintoran Elites

The Third Legion Atanos Octiem Third Legion 1 Atanos Octiem

7 Third Visavos

7 Third Kaleros

35 Third Atanon Guards

100 Third Companion Archers

350 Third Legionaries

Tolran Kingsman Elites Torlan Kingdom of Tolrania 1 Torlan

50 Tolranian Archers

80 Tolranian Valor Kingsmen

Úlfhéðnar Úlfhéðnar Volheere Raiders 1 Úlfhéðnar

60 Volheere Raiding Archers

140 Volheere Berserkers

Zeladeck The Chosen One Zeladeck Illica Falki Raiders Skyfall,

5000 aurums

1 Zeladeck

80-100 Illica Falki Knights

80-100 Illica Falki Rangers

100-200 Illica Falki Hunters

300-500 Illica Falki Riders

Zolona Zolona Syrin Nomads 1 Zolona

40 Zolona Messiahs

200-300 Sandwalkers