Tylen is one of the companions that can be found in Perisno.

Background Edit

Tylen was the leader of a band of rogue Tolranian Kingsmen until he was defeated and imprisoned by the Tolranian king, King Torlian. When he managed to escape from the clutches of the monarchy, he decided to remake his rogue band and now seeks a lord with which to exact revenge on the king.

Tylen dislikes Marcus because the latter often looks down upon him, despite the fact that they both are of noble backgrounds; he dislikes Silivethiel for her attitude. He believes that Antiope is strong and clever, and holds the ides that her father should not be ashamed for her.

Troops Edit

As a lord, Tylen trains Tolranian troops. He also has his own unique household troops, the Tylen Rogue Kingsmen.

Skills Edit

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