• Is there a way to recruit Demon Worshippers to my party? (I'm roleplaying an evil character, so i want a "role-friendly" army to help me conquer all of Perisno¬†:)

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    • If you have a positive relation with the Demon Worshippers, you can rescue them from prisoner stacks. The higher your relation with them (and persuasion skill), the higher level demon units you can rescue.

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    • Not sure if this still works or not, but when I played the game (4 years ago or so), Ialoch was captured by an enemy faction.¬† I captured the castle he was imprisoned in, and he offered to join me as a companion or a general (I forget which.)

      I think he might've respawned as an enemy general as well (so 2 of them going around), and the game bugged out if they met.

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