The Third Legion Outpost is a fort owned by the Third Legion. It is located northwest of Samarra Castle and south of the Mercenary Guild, in Hakkon lands.

Entering the fort Edit


Entrance to the outpost

By default, the player is not able to enter the Third Legion Outpost. If the player attempts to enter, they will be dissuaded by the many Legion guards that they spot above and around the gate. However, the failure to enter message also contains a hint: the guards are letting pass anyone with proper Third Legion equipment.

Thus, if the player wishes to enter the fort they must find and equip a full set of Third Legion armor. Valid items that will allow the player to slip past the guards are as follows:

Type Item

Auxiliary Helmet

Legionary Helmet

Plumed Legionary Helmet

Visavo Helmet

Blacksteel Sabovalar Helmet

Plumed Helmet

Plumed Guard Helm

Plumed Kalero Helm



Green Tunic

Black Tunic

Legion Light Armor



Light Legion Segmentata

Legion Segmentata

Dark Legion Segmentata

Centurion Legion Segmentata

Kalero's Hamata

Heavy Legion Segmentata

Visavo's Hamata

Mailed Legion Segmentata

Blacksteel Legion Segmentata



Single Greave

Simple Legion Greaves

Legion Greaves

Visavo's Greaves

As long as the player has equiped any combination of these three types, they will be able to enter the fort.

If the player is not a human, they will need to increase their standing with The Third Legion by assisting them in battles. By default, the player will start with -15 and will need +20 before they will be allowed into the fort. An easy way to do this is to follow Third Legion Patrols until they are attacked by a lord. At 0+, following them will be easier since they won't try to run away from you and will chase down lords, caravans, and even minor faction parties e.g. eagle knights.

Inside the fort Edit


Residential area and market

Upon entering the fort in Third Legion gear, the player will be able to explore the outpost on foot. At this point it may seem as though there is nothing to do in the outpost, since it is only populated by guards that tell the player to return to the barracks. However, if the player explores the scene fully, they may come across a man named Visavo Austad. By talking to this man, the player can begin the Third Legion quest, which is necessary to unlocking the full potential of the Third Legion outpost.

Visavo Austad can be found in the residential area of the outpost, the area between the market and the large castle.

Garrison Edit


Outpost with full garrison

The garrison of the outpost is hidden until the player begins the Third Legion quest, at which point the garrison becomes visible and the outpost becomes attackable. The troops stationed in the outpost are as follows:

Total size: 448 men

Although the garrison of the outpost is smaller than the full Third Legion, since the legion is on the defense against the player the fight is arguably more challenging than defeating Atanos Octiem's unique spawn.

Post-liberation features Edit


Main temple with castle in the background

After the player completes the quest by destroying Octiem's forces in the outpost, Visavo Austad liberates the outpost from Octiem's dictatorial and harsh rule. As a result, the player gains positive relations with the Third Legion and free access to the outpost without need for a disguise.

After liberating the outpost, Visavo Austad makes a number of changes that the player can benefit from: he opens up the market that Octiem had shut down and forbidden, where the player can find the following merchants and products:

Equipment Edit

Merchant Products
  • Auxiliary Helmet
  • Legionary Helmet
  • Praetorian Helmet
  • Centurion Helmet
  • Imperial Helmet
  • Hamata
  • Visavo Hamata
  • Squamata
  • Light Legion Segmentata
  • Legion Segmentata
  • Dark Legion Segmentata
  • Centurion Legion Segmentata
  • Imperial Captain Armor
  • Caligae
  • Single Greave
  • Simple Legion Greaves
  • Legion Greaves
  • Imperial Boots
  • Female Imperial Boots
  • Blue Striped Composite Bow
  • Bronze Arrows
Horse Trader
  • Half Cataphract
  • Brown Half Cataphract
  • Dark Lamellar Half Cataphract
Shield Maker
  • Velite Shield
  • Early Scutum
  • Oval Scutum
  • Scutum
  • Cavalry Scutum
  • Gladius
  • Legion Gladius
  • Imperial Gladius
  • Legion Sword
  • Legion Cavalry Sword
  • Legion Centurion Sword
  • Imperial Cavalry Sword
  • Short Legion Spear
  • Legion Spear
  • Heavy Legion Hasta
  • Legion Javelins
  • Pila
  • Legion Pila

Goods Edit

Merchant Products
  • Bread
  • Grain
  • Wine
  • Ale
  • Beer
  • Whiskey
  • Beef
  • Deer Meat
  • Wolf Meat
  • Boar Meat
  • Goat Meat
  • Chicken
  • Pork
  • Fish
  • Venison Meat
Dairy Farmer
  • Butter
  • Cheese
  • Cabbages
  • Apples
  • Grapes
  • Date Fruit
  • Olives
  • Pottery
Textile Merchant
  • Green Tunic
  • Black Tunic
  • Flax Bundle
  • Wool
  • Wool Cloth
  • Raw Silk
  • Dyes
  • Velvet

Once Venetor is reclaimed, The Third fort becomes Fort Trilond and becomes a castle for the Empire

Third Marshal Edit

The Third Marshal can be found to the right of the big gates into the castle. The following troops can be hired from the Marshal:

Troop Cost
Third Companion Infantry 120
Third Companion Cavalry 400
Third Companion Archers 600
Third Legionaries 600
Third Kaleros 1,750
Third Sabovalars 3,600
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