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Centurion Octavius' army

The Third Legion is a minor faction. They used to be a renowned legion in the Perisnoan empire and are the only living descendants left. Some say they are long past their time, but they still roam the Hakkon and Draharan lands, trying to reclaim their old empire.


The Third Legion is a remnant of an ancient Perisnoan Empire. It is rumored that the ancestors of the Third Legion used to rule the entire world, and there was not a region in the world where the name was not known. However, the Third Legion's time is long gone, and now their military might is only a tiny fragment of what it used to be. Nevertheless, they have adapted to new technologies and innovations, and are steadily growing in power. Lead by their ambitious general Octavius, they will stop at nothing to achieve domination of the world and raise their old empire back from the ruins.


The Third Legion has a mixed troop tree. Their strongest troops are the Mounted Praetorian Guard but their infantry Praetorians fall only just behind. The Auxillaries are strong spearmen and the archers pack a punch has well but nothing can match the Pila throw of the Praetorians, which can almost destroy a shield in one throw. The Third Legion's troops are Roman based and their equipment, although out-dated, are still good enough for them to do a fairly large amount of damage.

Unique Spawn

The Unique Spawn is Octavius. He has a large army, but the player has to fear his foot Praetorian guards in particular. They are the ones that can really destroy the army, after the cavalry charge is finished. 

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