The Rivermen Edit

The Rivermen are a group of people that march around the area between Tolrania, Elintor, Hakkon Empire, and Drahara. There is usually only one group and usually starts with 100 men. Being farmers, and some med-high tier troops of factions around. Sometimes they will have high ranking people like a prison guard or border-wardens. The army will grow to 250 or 300. having captured troops, recruited some more, making it a large powerful army.

You cannot engage with them, but you can speak to them. Your character will automatically ask who they are, and they will notify you that they are protected by someone who does not apparently exist. They are a neutral faction, and will not attack you, but also will not come to your aid in battle. So don't count on them to help you.

The lord and Settlement they mention, Lord Achelous and Mystilake Town, are not actually present in the mod, this may be a leftover from early development or an oversight, it is also possible that the town and the lord are omitted on purpose to make Rivermen more mysterious, there is no word on if it will be added in the future.

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