Slyter is one of the companions that can be found in Perisno.

Background Edit

Slyter is an Imperial Spy working for the Klyrintin Empire. He plans to befriend you to know more about Perisno and how to invade it for his Empire. However, he unexpectedly befriends you and renounces his allegiance to the Empire. At a certain point, he will also tell you everything and more about the Imperial Empire. He is, in short, a man of many faces.

Slyter dislikes Shi Jin because he doesn't like his attitude(he is supposed to dislike Dohosan for the latter's battle style. But since Dohosan is removed in later versions, this is never to be seen). However, he admires Uldin's courage and battle style.

Troops Edit

As a lord, Slyter trains Outlaw troops for his armies, specifically:

Slyter also has his own unique household troops, the Batmen.

Skills Edit

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