Shi Jin is one of the companions that can be found in Perisno.

Background Edit

Shi Jin is a foreigner in Perisno, and is instead a native of the land of Khergia. Shi Jin himself is a Jin Dynasty nobleman's child and also a family member of the Emperor Jin. He is known as a great strategist in his homeland as well as a capable warrior, being one of the elite Black Warriors, a force that serves Emperor Jin himself. He initially came to Perisno by order of the Emperor to warn the great powers about the imminent danger presented by the invasion of the Zann Dynasty. He roams around the land, giving warning to the people of Perisno and searching for a commander to serve.

Troops Edit

As a lord, Shi Jin fields Jin troops in his armies, specifically:

All these soldiers are sent to him as reinforcements by his uncle who cares about his nephew's well-being. Since the distance between the Jin Empire lands and the mainland of Perisno is large and it's hard and expensive to transport large armies, only the chosen few, some of the best soldiers in the Jin army are sent to Shi Jin's aid.

Stats Edit

Shi Jin-stats
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