Reich des Drachen has some of the best cavalry force in Perisno, only being rivalled by The Realm of The Falcon. It is not a surprise to see an army composition where 50% or more is made of cavalry. However it still has a standing point in infantry and archer.


Reich Troop Tree

Troops Edit


Household troops:

Other troops:

Noble TroopsEdit

Starting from 0.6, the noble recruitment is available from town and castle. Also, since town has relationship point, the amount of the recruited noble will increase along with relationship point. The Drachen noble will start as Drachen Knappe. Then, he upgrades into Drachenritter, one of the deadliest heavy cavalry that ever sets foot in Perisno.


With a large force of cavalry, obviously charging in is the normal option. But unlike native Warband, the anti-cavalry forces in Perisno are much more deadly. Not only can they be trained faster, they also carry deadly weapons capable of cutting down men and horses with ease. It would be best for the Reich to march its infantry in, while the cavalry sneaks around for a pincer attack from 2 sides and crushes the enemy's formation, or deals with the enemy's archer line before the infantry shieldwall collapse.

Regular enemies of the Reich are Maccavia, Drahara and The Valahir Clan, both with good anti-cavalry capabilities, so sending forces in a charge is not very wise. If you're facing the Redwood then form 2-3 ranks, spread out and charge. This will reduce the chance of missed shots impacting your mass of cavalry.

Unique featuresEdit

The Reich's recruit is a mounted trooper. That is a big advantage over other recruits, and will payout for the player early on (EDIT: This is not the case from version 1.0 onward). Other than that, all troop line ends at tier 6, which is a very long progress to get the strongest troops.

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