An army of Foreign Invaders

The Rafkla Clan, commonly known to Perisno natives as the Foreign Invaders, come from Nisaynia. Their common name is a misnomer, as they are not actually invading but looking for a way home.

Lore[edit | edit source]

The Foreign Invaders come from the continent of Nisaynia, where the Volheere Raiders also originate from. They are called the Foreign Invaders, but their real name is the Rafkla Clan. While conducting a naval raid on another clan, a huge wind blew their ships away and scattered them, and after sailing for many days, half of them landed on Reich lands in Perisno while the other half landed in the Draharan deserts. Their Clan "King", Rafklazan, is desperate for a way home although he seems to be enjoying looting the countryside and wrecking caravans in Perisno better than Nisaynia. The Foreign Invaders will be a large threat to the player, as they have big parties of troops. However, if the player manages to kill them, the rewards and loot will be great.

Troops[edit | edit source]

  • Foreign Grunt
  • Foreign Invader
  • Foreign Warlord

The Foreign Invader troops are a bit different from the normal Perisno troop. However, different does not mean easier, and you will have quite a challenge fighting some of their units.

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