Queen Arwen
Starting Information
Kingdom Elintor
Title Monarch
Gender Female
Age 52
Personality Liege
Household Troops Elintoran Guardian
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Queen Arwen is the monarch of Elintor, and is currently the only female monarch of a major faction of Perisno. She starts as the lady of Forniron.

Queen of the Elves Edit

As said in the Elintor history, most of the great ruler of the nation are females and Arwen is making her name as one of them. As the elven queen she is very tough, she is highly respected and feared by each of her vassals as well as the ruler of the other faction. Despite so, she seems to be a kind ruler as she does not view humans lowly as other elves does, this personality is seen as she views player's character highly (player is A human) and allowing him/her to be her vassal, her daughter Princess Linthradil also inherits this kindness.

Details Edit

The queen of the elves is extremely tough and is never to be underestimated. Her army is the largest and toughest of all of Elintor's forces. Also, she always has a handful number of Elintor Guardian watching over her side in addition to the destructive Elintor Knights, Rangers and Wardens. Her initial fief is Forniron, although sometimes she has other fiefs along with it. Her daughter, Princess Linthradil, is eligible to wed if player's renown is higher than the princess and has high relation with her, relation with the queen is not necessary in order to wed the princess. Once the player weds Princess Linthradil, Queen Arwen will become his mother-in-law and the player will automatically become a vassal for the Elintor nation.

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