Princess Linthradil
Starting Information
Kingdom Elintor
Title Vassal
Gender Female
Age 24
Personality Random
Household Troops Elintoran Noble Maiden
Unique Template None

Princess Linthradil is a vassal and the daughter of Queen Arwen of Elintor. As the princess of Elintor, Linthradil holds high authority and answers only to the queen and marshal of the realm. Like her mother, she is courageous in a fight, yet kinder than most as she does not view humans as low as other elves do. She admires her mother and is devoted to her.

Princess Linthadril is eligible to wed since she is single at the start of the game. To do so, the player must have high renown (at least higher than hers) and high relation with her (no need to have high relation with her mother). When the player talks to her, they will have the option to ask her if anything is wrong. If the player pursues this option, she will give them a quest to find a portrait of her interest. To do this, the player must first talk to Duke Throthradien, and find and defeat the party he tells you to pursue. From there, the player must talk to Archduke Zaos, and finally return to Princess Linthradil. To finish the quest, the player must talk to Queen Arwen, who will reward the with a crimson elven helmet and a significant amount of money.

Fiefs Edit

At the start of the game, Princess Linthradil owns Elsinore.

Skills Edit

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