Princess Birgit
Starting Information
Kingdom Reich des Drachen
Title Vassal
Gender Female
Age 23
Personality Martial
Household Troops Wyvern Riders
Unique Template None
Fullview Birgit

Princess Birgit is initially a vassal of the Reich des Drachen and she is the special vassal for the faction who is also the daughter of the ruler Kaiser Otto IV.

Princess of the DragonEdit

The daughter of the kaiser, she holds special privilege in the realm from her father. A young lady with royal heritage and next in line to be the queen of the realm. She is very loyal to her father and respects him very much, wanting to become a great ruler like her father.


Princess Birgit is eligible to wed since she is still single, however to do so player must have a moderate (15 or higher) relation with her (no need to have high relation with her father). She is one of the two princesses that is eligible to be wed, the other one is Princess Linthradil from Elintor.

Additionally, you can get her Fire Dragon by marring her and taking her dragon from her equipment. (choose "let us disscuss matters related to our household." then choose "let me see your equipment."). Be warned, however, this will significantly reduce her combat effectiveness.

Fiefs Edit

At the start of the game Princess Birgit owns Freising and the village of Pomelach.

Skills Edit

Princess Birgit is a good fighter, and even better leader. She is "jack of all trades", having received good education and knowing a little about everything. This makes her useful as a vassal/queen due to the fact she can be able to field large armies due to her high Leadership and her ownership of Freising and the surrounding villages (should you appoint her the owner of said villages should you marry her and secede from the Reich).

Her status as a Martial character is also beneficial to kingdoms that are just starting out as she will often find herself at the front, besieging castles, ambushing caravans and lords, and otherwise contributing much to the war effort compared to Good-natured and Upstanding lords. This means that she will fight hard to keep the kingdom alive with no regard to herself and will actively work towards that goal.

With that in mind however, an obvious con to her Personality is that she is also slightly more likely to defect to a rival nation, but not as much so as a Bad-tempered or Sadistic lord. She is also less likely to defect than a Cunning lord is, who will only defect should it prove beneficial to them.

Skills Birgit
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