Prince Drachus Flywing
Starting Information
Kingdom Maccavia
Title Claimant
Gender Male
Age 29
Personality Liege
Household Troops Maccavian Knights of Steel
Unique Template None
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Prince Drachus Flywing is a claimant to the throne of Maccavia.

Drachus' claim[edit | edit source]

I am Prince Drachus Flywing. I am the leader of the New Gods followers of Maccavia. For many years, tensions in Maccavia have been building. The Old Gods followers still have barbaric ways and are uncivilised. We, the New Gods followers, turn to chivalry, honor, and justice instead of glory, fame and battle. Our goal is to protect the innocent people and help those in need, not to cast them down, like Agathor has done.
Agathor and his followers are foolish and stubborn. They do not adapt quickly to change, and that is the thing that will destroy them. Their foolish religion and gods have never helped them, unlike our Gods who have helped us many times. If I am the king of Maccavia, I will swear to uphold justice and help those in need. Agathor is a tyrant that must be put down.
The only thing stopping Maccavia from erupting to a civil war are those cursed Drachens and Tolranians. A nation must act as one in times as this, and this is exactly what Agathor is not doing. If Agathor truly believes he can rule, then let him say so face to face with me, as we battle it out lance to axe.

Agathor Krex's response[edit | edit source]

Dracchus is a fool trying to ruin this nation. He seems to have a problem with our religion. We have done nothing wrong, and believed in the traditional Gods of Maccavia. He takes it one step further, making a new religion as if he were some prophet, and decides that his is purer. The only reason he believes in the New Gods is to make it an excuse to oppose me.
He cares nothing about his Gods either. He only cares about power. He thinks that the New Gods will help him achieve it, and uses them as an excuse to justify everything he does. It is he who would truly like to see the downfall of Maccavia, and I fear one day he will through his foolish acts.

Skills[edit | edit source]

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