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*Laski_Tarl - Tester
*Laski_Tarl - Tester
*Rakrak - Scener
*Rakrak - Scener
*Tpikol - Banner Maker
*stephan_dinavoa - Scener
*stephan_dinavoa - Scener
*Abot - Coder, Developer
*Abot - Coder, Developer

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Welcome to the Perisno Wiki

NOTE: This Wiki is a WIP. We would like you to contribute as well, in any way possible - be it a small edit or making a new page or adding screenshots, we want your help!

This is the Perisno wiki that anyone can edit. Perisno is a modification for the game Mount&Blade Warband.

Information on this wiki is based on both versions 0.6 and the previous 0.5. Any discrepancies between the information on this site and your version is based on this fact.

Hope you enjoy Perisno.

Mod Information

Latest Download (Version 0.6)

Social Media

Dev Team

  • Michadr - Mod Leader, Coder, Mapper
  • The Dark Robin - Coder, Scener
  • habeo123 - Coder, Item/Troop Balancing
  • Something unusual - Coder, Loremaster
  • Laski_Tarl - Tester
  • Rakrak - Scener
  • Tpikol - Banner Maker
  • stephan_dinavoa - Scener
  • Abot - Coder, Developer
  • Revspartan - Modeler
  • Silberfalke - Music, Artwork & 2D Graphics, Research
  • Dark_Hamlet - Scener

Minor Factions and Mercenaries

Perisno adds a large variety of minor factions to the game. Some can be friendly, some neutral, and some hostile and agressive. They range from simple bandits to powerful armies that rival major factions' lords. A full list of them can be found here .

Faction Military Overview

Perisno has many grand factions, thus adding unique features. Read this page for an overview of the military concepts behind Perisno's factions.

Legendary Weapons

There are many legendary weapons in Perisno, waiting to be discovered by the player.

Latest activity