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Perisno is a modification (mod) for the game Mount&Blade Warband. To play Perisno, please purchase a copy of Mount & Blade Warband and install it. Then, download the latest version of the Perisno mod and install it. Detailed instructions are available in the Perisno mod download.

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Dev Vlog
Perisno Dev Blog 7 Version 0

Perisno Dev Blog 7 Version 0.9 Released & Updates

Michadr 0.9 LP Ep. 1
Perisno 0

Perisno 0.9 Dev Plays 1

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  • Michadr - Mod Leader
  • cwr - Co-Dev, Coder, Scener
  • Leonion - Co-Dev, Coder
  • Reus - Developer
  • Syabr - Scener
  • Zephillinox - Developer
  • Parcipal - Modeler
  • Daumor - Coder, Developer
  • Comrade Crimson - Voice Actor
  • Keshan de Montfarah - Modeler, Texturer
  • KonykSoldatyk - Coder
  • Pitch Black - Coder
  • Firestorm - Steam PR

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