Perisno Squire


Weekly Wages
32 denars
Acquire From
Perisno Town or Castle
Upgrades To

Perisno Squires are first-tier noble troops of the Kingdom of Perisno.

Recruiting them is only available when the player becomes the Ruler of a Kingdom and stays with the default culture or later changes back to that of the Kingdom of Perisno.

Equipment[edit | edit source]

  • Perisno Guardian Spear
  • Perisnoan Green Warblade
  • Perisno Kite Shield
  • Kettle Hat
  • Perisnoan Mail and Plate Armor
  • Splinted Leather Greaves
  • Black Splinted Leather Gloves
  • Perisno Green and White Warhorse

Stats and Gallery[edit | edit source]

Equipment and combat stats

Full Stats

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