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Perisno Recruit


Weekly Wages
1 denar
Acquire From
Perisno villages, Farmers
Upgrades To

Perisno Recruits are first-tier troops of the Kingdom of Perisno. These newly recruited soldiers start as unexperienced fighters. However, they can grow into more powerful warriors if they manage to survive their first few battles

Weak, flimsy, fragile, dosen't matter what you call them, the truth is that these units are villagers who grabbed their grandfather's sword & their beanie and joined your ranks. Perhaps the best way to use them is as a clean-up crew, following the main line & the flankers, off-ing up anyone still breathing. Peasant rebels work too, after all, high quality rabble are always better thal low-quality, former "its almost harvest'n seas'n" soldier LARPers*.

Still, they're valuable. After all, they can become some of the most powerful, yet flexible units in the field.

*This site & the author of this sentence don't have any problems Live Action Role Play-ers. If you are one, good. welcome to the community ! Feel free to add, share & discuss with the rest of us.