The Perisno Pilgrims is a minor faction that can be found in all regions of Perisno. It is ruled by Nox of Zephilli.

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The Perisno Pilgrims are a group of followers of the ancient religion of Perisno, sometimes referred to as Perisnoan paganism. This system of beliefs began in the Venetoran Empire, and emphasizes worship of the land, its resources, and the life it supports, The Perisno Pilgrims are the primary supporters of the Kingdom of Perisno, the vision of a united Perisno living in accordance with these spiritual principles.

Unlike many other cultures, the Perisno Pilgrims believe that men and women should live in equal status. Male and female members of the clergy can be found practicing the Perisnoan religion, and women form an important part of the leadership of the group.

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