In Perisno, you will encounter many different peoples roaming the map on your journey. Perisno Descendants represent some of these wandering groups. They mainly consist of the following parties:

  • Perisno Pilgrims
  • Perisno Pioneers
  • Third Legion Army

Perisno Pilgrims[edit | edit source]

Perisno pilgrims on map.jpg

Perisno pilgrims are a bunch of pilgrims wondering the map, usually about 50 or so. They will tell you that they are searching for the lord of Perisno to come back, and start the empire again, and then ask you if you are him/her. Without owning your own faction you will immediately say No.

You can recruit some if they are prisoners of a party you defeat or raise relation with them up to 20 points, then they can be recruited for 7000 aurums (an entire party). Their upgrade trees are simple.

Perisno Pilgrim > Perisno Monk > Perisno Cleric > Perisno Priest > Perisno Holy Priest > and then splits into two. Either Perisno Zealot or Perisno Holy Champion. Your choice. As they level up they gain heavy armour, swords, shields, and pikes.

Perisno Pioneers[edit | edit source]

Sometimes instead of Pilgrims there will be Pioneers, people who are from Perisno who are more of fighters at the beginning. Usually there will be the Perisno Pioneer unit, and then others like Perisno Settlers and Adventurers. usually travel just like the Pilgrims in a group of 50 or more, but you can engage in combat with them. None level as of .61 update.

Pioneers have pole arms and swords.

Settlers have Shields and hammers/swords.

Adventurers are Cavalry with heavy armour with sword and shield.

Third Legion Army[edit | edit source]

The third Legion Army is an army of legionnaires marching under the name of Octavius. Octavius and his legion will march every now and then to wage war on EVERY faction. His army is large in size, usually marking up to 200-300, with top tier units. Praetorian Guard, Mounted Praetorian Guard, Legion Archers and Auxilliaries. He believes that he is the rightful heir to rule Perisno, and will fight everyone for the right to rule, letting nothing stop him.

When he begins his march, you will get a message telling you that the Third Legion Army has marched, and will attack anyone in their sights.

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