Peasant Woman


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The Peasant Woman is a weak unit that has some powerful upgrades, in Perisno the upgrade tree is greatly expanded from native and has multiple upgrade paths.

Acquiring Peasant Women is tricky as they can only be rescued as prisoners from other parties, however they also appear rarely in taverns as a mercenary group looking for work. Alternatively you can attack peasant parties with blunt weapons, take them prisoner and attempt to recruit them into your party from the camp menu, however this comes at a cost to your morale.

Tactics[edit | edit source]

Peasant Women are a very weak and vulnerable unit, they should be upgraded quickly through your party's trainer skill, make sure however you keep them at the bottom of your party list to reduce the chance of them spawning in battle.

Even low tier bandits are a threat and any party composed of these units will quickly be decimated.

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