There are many outlaws wandering Perisno. Some are more deadly than others, and some travel in bigger packs than others.

Types of Outlaws Edit

  • Robbers - Usually only 1 or 2 types of units. Amount from 5-40 in one party. Robbers and Bandits. Robbers have little to no armour. and little to no weapons. Bandits can be on horse, and are equip with light weapons.
  • Escaped Prisoners - Wander on the west of Tolrania. 10-60 soldiers.
  • Outlawed Criminals - Usually travel with 5 or 6 types of units. Amount from 20-60 in one party. Robbers, Bandits, Brigands, and Wandering Criminals. Bandits and Brigands are usually on horse, while the robbers run at you with weak weapons and no armour. The Wandering Criminals are equip with Crossbows.
  • Outlaw Mercenaries - 3-5 types of units. Amount from 40-100 in one party. Lancers, Cavalry, Sellswords, Crossbow man, and Snipers. Deadly to low levels, since they all have heavier armour, and stronger weapons than other parties. Lancers have lances (hence the name) swords and shields. Cavalry have swords and shields, and have a chance at having lances. Sellswords are on foot, have swords shields and heavy armour. Crossbow mean have crossbows (hence the name) and swords. Snipers will have heavy plate armour, Siege shields, Crossbows, and swords (sometimes hammers instead)
  • Outlaw Female Mercenaries - 3-5 types of units. Amount from 40-80 in one party. Female Mercenaries are VERY similar to outlaw mercenaries, but they are female(who would have guessed?). So they are in turn weaker, but can do equal the damage, IF NOT MORE, than the Normal Outlaw Mercenaries.
  • Sub-groups of outlaws: Saccar Raiders, Snow Crawlers, Syrin Nomads. Also Volheere Raiders although they belong to their own faction.

Outlaw Troops Edit


Main Outlaw Troop Tree

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