An army of Eagle Knights

The Eagle Knights are a minor faction. They were made to combat the Demon Worshippers cult that was spreading.


The Order of the Eagle was founded at around the year 308, to combat these Demon Worshippers. They started out golden and pure, swearing to uphold justice and honor wherever they went. That was long ago. Now, the Order of the Eagle and the Demon Worshippers only have one difference: their beliefs. The Order of the Eagle are now vile and greedy, lead by the Patriarch, and they use intimidation to force other lords to give them funds for their numerous campaigns against 'heretics.' The Order has been mortal enemies with the Demon Worshippers since their foundation, and it still remains so. However, there are rumors of a secret weapon they are creating to permanently wipe out the Demon Worshippers from the world. Whether this is true or not remains for the player to discover as he progresses through Perisno.


  • Eagle Pilgrim
  • Eagle Retainer
  • Eagle Knight
  • Eagle Lord

The Eagle Lords can match the Demon Lords and are probably the strongest cavalry in the game. An army of Eagle Lords can steamroll anything, but they are hard to acquire.

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