The Old Gods is the most widespread pantheon of the Maccavian republic. The followers of the Old Gods value war, honour, strength, ambition, domination, secrets and plots, hence the nobles with an aggressive attitude are probably followers of the pantheon. Agathor Krex himself is a follower of the Old Gods. The main deity of the pantheon is Mal'Kiarj, God of Revenge and King of the Old Gods, it is said that it was he to cast out his brother Mal'Kij, God of Honour, for sparing the life of an enemy.

Troops[edit | edit source]

The followers of the Old Gods gather in small bands, about 20-40 men, although you will most likely see them with 50 or so troops. They are not hostile to Maccavia, and therefore free to roam the snowy countryside and accumulate freed prisoners in their ranks. They spawn with 2 units:

While the Infidels are a decent medium infantry, the Aethlings are way more dangerous. Carrying Executioners, they are similar to armored Tolranian Hackers but twice as devastating. But they lack the Hacker's speed, and since they don't have shields (like the Infidels), they are exposed to skirmishing fire.

The Old Gods have a Unique Spawn, the "Divine Aethling Elites" led by Aethling Culgrah. He fields:

  • Aethling Culgrah
  • 80 Divine Aethling
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