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The Mosoru Riders is a minor faction that roams the great desert south of Drahara and east of the Kaikoth Confederation.

Lore Edit

The Mosoru Riders occupy the desert lands separating the Dwarven nation from the rest of Perisno. They are a fierce proud people, and do not care for outsiders. They tend to keep to themselves but they claim the entirety of the desert beyond the mountain's theirs, so If you venture into their homeland, you may regret it. The Mosoru ride horses, and you will find both male and female warriors in battle. The male riders ride into battle with two swords, but no shield. The Female rider's on the other hand equip both a bow and a sword. 

General Info Edit

Mosoru spawns spawn only around the deserts, seperating the Kaikoth Confederacy from the major factions, as well as near the deserts surrounding the town of Arish. However major faction may often enslave great quantities of Mosoru´s, wherefore the player might often encounter them in castle/town prisons. They wear a custom assortment of armour, unique to only the Mosoru, and are all mounted, except the Mosoru War Riders. Female Mosoru´s and male Mosoru´s are divided into seperate tiers. It is not advised to attack Mosoru spawns early game, due to their versatility and strength. Nevertheless especially High Tier Mosoru units, like the Warlord, make up for great looting opportunities. Especially if the player tends to prefer more exotic weapon and armory.
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A Mosoru spawn

Troops Edit

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