The Mercenary Guild is a fort owned by Ingvar, the leader of the guild. It is located very centrally on the map, south of the Kingdom of Tolrania, west of Drahara, north of the Hakkon Empire, and east of Elintor. The Guild is a safe haven for mercenaries, deserters, and any other groups of soldiers that have found themselves lost or wanting to start anew in Perisno.

Inside the fort Edit

The courtyard surrounding the central tower inside the fort is filled with many different types of troops from different cultures and allegiances. The player cannot recruit any of these soldiers to their party except for the two soldiers standing to the left of the fountain next to the training dummies. The rest of the hireable soldiers can be found inside the center castle, with three located on the first floor and two more located on the second floor, for a total of seven different troop types recruitable at a time.

Ingvar Edit


Ingvar's room

On the top floor of the castle the player can find Ingvar, the leader of the Mercenary Guild. Ingvar gives the player a brief introduction to the Guild and explains that he trains special mercenaries that can use custom equipment selected by the player in battle. Ingvar sells up to 125 of these mercenaries at a time (15-25 are added every time the Guild's mercenaries are refreshed until he has over 100).

These custom mercenaries begin as weak recruits, but can be upgraded into fairly powerful troops (~400 proficiencies, high skills). What makes them especially potent is the ability to select their gear- the top-tier troops have access to some of the strongest and most dangerous armors and weapons in the game.

Available troops Edit

The Mercenary Guild is special for the fact that the player has the chance of finding and hiring nearly every type of troop in the game (including those that are otherwise unobtainable). Notable exceptions that will not appear in the guild are listed below:

Unavailable troops
Faction Troop
All Prison Guards and Castle Guards
Aroulo Ojibwakan All troops
Venetoran Empire All troops
Kingdom of Perisno Ankars Huntress
Kingdom of Perisno Tylen Rogue Kingsman
Kingdom of Perisno Hylr Raider
Kingdom of Perisno Arcane Defender
Ukundu Ukundu Tigress
Ukundu Ukundu Princess
Syrin Nomads Zolona Messiah
Wolf Knights Wolf Constable
Ankars Ankars Matriarch's Guard
Third Legion Third Sabovalar
Third Legion Third Kalero
Demon Worshippers Demon Invoker
Demon Worshippers Unholy Demon General
Demon Worshippers Demon Death Knight
Demon Worshippers Dreaded Fallen
Demon Worshippers Dreaded Ghoul
Demon Worshippers Dreaded Fiend
Demon Worshippers Dreaded Doomguard
Church of Faith Templar of Faith
Church of Faith Paladin of Faith
New Gods New Gods Disbeliever
Old Gods Old Gods Infidel
Illica Falki Raiders Glorious Knight of the Great Holy Bull

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