Perisno offers an extended set of mercenary troops, including swordmen, heavy cavalry, crossbowmen, and an excusively female archer tree. They can be found and recruited in taverns and are an easy way to quickly bolster your numbers. Each faction also has its own powerful mercenary unit, which can be recruited from Mercenary Recruiters, also found in taverns.

Mercenary TroopsEdit

Male Mercenaries Edit


Male Mercenary Troop Tree

Cavalry Group Edit

Infantry Group Edit

Crossbowman Group Edit

Female Mercenaries Edit


Female Mercenary Troop Tree

Infantry Edit

Archers Edit

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Female Archer Group Edit


Special Group Edit

Border Patrol Edit


Border Patrol Troop Tree

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Infantry Edit

Faction Specific MercenariesEdit

Faction Seller Troop Name Type
Drahara Anshavadin the Phantom Draharan Mercenary Shadowguard Cavalry
Hakkon Empire Commander Burtzes Hakkon Mercenary Cataphract Cavalry
Kingdom of Tolrania Mercenary Captain Darius Tolranian Mercenary Lancer Cavalry
Maccavia Valgautr Swordbreaker Volheere Mercenary Warlord Infantry
Realm of the Falcon Jannual Feardhom Falcon Esnewyrhta Infantry
Elintor Vythrael Trueshot Elintoran Mercenary Redguard Archer
Reich des Drachen Hauptmann Konziel Drachen Elite Landsknecht Infantry
Valahir Clan Floki the Giant Valahir Mercenary Varangian Infantry
Zann Dynasty Zann Fort Captain Zann Ronin Infantry
Kuu-lan Horde Komutan Alevi Kuu-lan Mercenary Moriton Cavalry

Custom Mercenaries Edit


Custom Mercenary Troop Tree

The player can hire custom mercenaries from Ingvar's Mercenary Guild. They can only be hired as Hired Recruits, but can be upgraded in accordance with their troop tree into higher-tier units.

Mercenary CompaniesEdit

Once the player becomes a lord of their own faction, they can hire a High Marshal from the kingdom management menu. The High Marshal allows the player to enlist mercenary companies that will fight for the player's cause for a hefty price. A list of available mercenary companies and their requirements can be found here .

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