Maccavian Knight of Steel


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Maccavian Knights of Steel are second-tier noble troops of Maccavia and the household troops of Prince Drachus Flywing. Among the Maccavian noble veterans, they are trained to support the army of the New Gods. Extremely powerful and highly durable, their lack of mount is the only difference and disadvantage to the Black Knights.

Despite being classified as an archer initially by the game, these units are extremely powerful infantry as well. Wielding the fearsome Executor axes, the Knights of Steel can crush any infantry foolish enough to try and challenge them in melee, as well as sniping targets far away with their crossbows. These units are extremely versatile and are rightly considered the best units to have in a siege.


Fighting With:

  • Knights of Steel can do double duties. Playing them as Infantry and Archer would work efficiently in a siege, and they can clear enemy Archers and Infantry at the same time.

Fighting Against:

  • Keep the Knights of Steel busy with your Infantry and Cavalry, and barrage them with Archers and/or Crossbowmen as they lack anything to block projectiles. Coordination with your units is the key to defeat them in battle.
  • Even though their Executor Axes is deadly in close combat, they're quite slow in deploying hits with it. Strike quickly to prevent them from landing hits. 
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