Maccavian Halberdier

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Maccavian Halberdiers are sixth-tier troops of Maccavia.

Brother to the Northguards, these Halberdiers are the two handed armoured infantry which provides the damage where the Northguards cannot. Wielding large halbadiers which can cleave almost anything into two, these troops can do incredible damage upon even the most armoured opponents if given the room to swing their large weapons, and are generally used to smash holes in enemy lines or creating a beachhead upon the walls of towns and castles against masses of enemy infantry.

However, these Halberdiers are not equipped with a shield, and although they can do incredible damage up close, they need to reach the enemy in the first place to do so. Without proper cover from other troops, these Halberdiers will fall to enemy archers extremely easily, despite their heavy armour.

Players can view them as a poor man's version of the Divine Athelings. Heavily armoured and wiedling massive two handed weapons, but these Halberdiers despite having poorer stats than the elite Divine Aethlings, are much more easier to replace and can do their jobs to perfection if given the proper support they needed to shine.

Their Equipment and Combat Stats

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