Lymbardian Knights pic

The Lymbardian Knights is a minor faction that roams the empty lands of northwestern Perisno.


The Lymbardian Knights are the local knights of their region, the County of Lymbar. They owe their allegiance to no one, even though their geographic location suggests otherwise. They were founded by a Count of Lymbard a long time ago, long before Tolrania sailed to Perisno and when the Old Perisno Empire ruled. They have patrolled their land ever since their foundation, and continue to do so even after hundreds of years. They are hostile to anyone who comes into their land and so naturally, they will be hostile to the player. While their knights aren't the best, they can still pack a punch so be careful of them, especially early in game.



An army of Lymbard Knights, in a older version.

The Lymbardian Knights are fairly strong, but overall are weaker than the other Knight Orders. They only have 2 troops: the Squire and the Knight. The mysterious Grandmaster never shows himself and it is rumored the recruits are all personally trained by him. 

The Lymbardian Knights, while weaker than the others, are still exceptional threats to newer characters, and can occasionally cause annoying casualties later in the game, particularly with their lances. However, their foot troops are less of a threat.

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