Lord Aethlindil
Starting Information
Kingdom Elintor
Title Claimant
Gender Male
Age 44
Personality Liege
Household Troops Elintoran Guardians
Unique Template None
Fullview Aethlindil

Lord Aethlindil is a claimant to the throne of Elintor.

Aethlindil' claimEdit

I am Lord Aethlindil, leader of the Elintoran Rebels. We have been fighting against Queen Arwen for a long time. She is not the rightful ruler, as we have discovered long ago. She has lied and deceived her way to the highest position. But no, not everything is as it seems. When I was a young lord, I was brash, and the Queen, who was only another lady at the time, loved me. We became very close, and I believed that one day we would marry and have a good life.
However, it turns out that she only wanted to marry me to elevate her position. She got what she wanted, and I got nothing. She then used my money to bribe lords to join her cause, and she campaigned to become the next Queen. A few months later, the entire Elintor noble family was assassinated by Ral'Daiun assassins, but when I tortured one of them, they told me it was Arwen who had organized it.
Arwen has denied these claims and exiled all of the opposition from the country. Most, fearing they would be next to die, did not speak out against the Queen and now these events are long forgotten. But not by me. I will never forget, and I will never forgive, until I see Queen Arwen dead!

Arwen's responseEdit

Did Aethlindil tell you that I lied my way to the throne? That I bribed and deceived and who knows what else? He is very wrong. He is jealous of my power, jealous of me and how I have managed to rise to the throne while he is still a lowly rebel lord. He and his group spread lies about me everywhere they go, whispering poison into other people's ears.
Aethlindil says that I committed atrocities to gain the throne. Let's see, what war crimes is he responsible for? I can name many. The massacre of Lille is one. Another is the torture of my Elintoran Elites and the burning of my generals. Aethlindil is no purer than you or me.

Skills Edit

Skills Aethlindil
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