Local Reich Lord

Local Reich Lord

Reich Des Drachen
Weekly Wages
64 aurums
Acquire From
Captured During Quest
Upgrades To

The Local Reich Lord is a unique spawn that happens during the second Illica Falki quest given by Nodah. There is only one available in the game and should be considered as nothing more than a novelty.

Tactics Edit

There is nothing that stands this unit out from Dragoners and should be attached to your frontline cavalry. Eventually, he will take a lucky shot to the head and die and you won't be able to replace him, you'll be sad, you may even cry, you'll move on and realise he wasn't anything special anyway.

If you wish to keep him alive, you could either bury him at the bottom of your troop line or put him in the bottom of your strongest castle.

Stats and Abilities Edit

  • Level: 41
  • Health: 80
  • Experience: 2087603
Stat Points
STR 29
AGI 11
INT 12
Weapon Type Proficiency Weapon Type Proficiency
One Handed Weapons 320 Two Handed Weapons 320
Polearms 320 Archery 320
Crossbows 320 Throwing 320
Skill Points Skill Points
Ironflesh 8 Power Strike 7
Power Throw 1 Power Draw 1
Shield 4 Athletics 0
Riding 7 Horse Archery 0
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