The armies of Perisno are comprised of troops of widely varying quality and quantity. Below is a list of the most elite troops over level 60 that can be found in parties around the land.

List of elite troopsEdit

Faction Troop Image Level Found in
Wolf Knights Wolf Constable* WolfConstableFull 85 Wolf Knights parties
Demon Worshippers Unholy Demon General* UnholyDemonGeneralFull 82 Marshal Ialoch the Fiend unique spawn
Church of Faith Paladin of Faith PaladinofFaithFull 82 Grand Paladin Siegfried unique spawn and

Order of Faith mercenary company

Kingdom of Perisno Perisno Runed Knight PerisnoRunedKnightFull 82 Nox of Zephilli unique spawn
Demon Worshippers Dreaded Doomguard* DreadedDoomguardFull 76 Dreaded One unique spawn
Kingdom of Perisno Arcane Defender ArcaneDefenderFull 70 Aracanus household troops
Reich des Drachen Drachenmeister DrachenmeisterFull 70 Herzog Oskar household troops
Realm of the Falcon Renweard Marshal RenweardMarshalFull 70 Field Marshal Gunnar household troops
Demon Worshippers Demon Death Knight* DemonDeathKnightFull 70 Marshal Ialoch the Fiend unique spawn
Realm of the Falcon Frod Ridere Fealcan FrodRidereFealcanFull 68 Realm of the Falcon nobles
Drahara Draharan Shadow Assassin DraharanShadowAssassinFull 66 Emir Grasullah household troops
Elintor Elintoran Moon Knight ElintoranMoonKnightFull 65 Archduke Berlaeduil and Duke Gwedagelnen household troops
Realm of the Falcon Frod Sceotend Fealcan FrodSceotendFealcanFull 65 Realm of the Falcon troops
Realm of the Falcon Renweard RenweardFull 65 Realm of the Falcon troops
Geldar Geldarin Duke GeldarinDukeFull 65 Geldarin nobles
Sut Giants Sut Chieftain SutChieftainFull 65 Sut Giants troops
Elintor Elintoran Elite ElintoranEliteFull 64 Archduke Valthaauuionnon household troops
Order of the Eagle Eagle Lord EagleLordFull 62 Order of the Eagle parties
Demon Worshippers Demon Invoker DemonInvokerFull 62 Demon Worshippers parties
Player's faction Household Guard HouseholdGuardFull2 60 Player's household troops
Kingdom of Perisno Perisno White Knight PerisnoWhiteKnightFull 60 Alindel household troops
Kingdom of Tolrania Tolranian Champion TolranianChampionFull 60 King Torlian household troops
Reich des Drachen Wyvern Dragoner WyvernDragonerFull 60 Baron Hermann household troops
Reich des Drachen Kaiserliche Dragoner KaiserlicheDragonerFull 60 Kaiser Otto IV household troops
Elintor Elintoran Guardian ElintoranGuardianFull2 60 Queen Arwen household troops
Elintor Elintoran Knight ElintoranKnightFull 60 Elintoran troops
Elintor Elintoran Crimson Ranger ElintoranCrimsonRangerFull2 60 Elintoran troops
Hakkon Empire Hakkon Imperial Bodyguard HakkonImperialBodyguardFull 60 Emperor Hakkon II household troops
Geldar Geldarin Honor Guard GeldarinHonorGuardFull2 60 Geldarin King Rhinio household troops
Geldar Geldarin Forest Warden GeldarinForestWardenFull 60 Geldarin troops
Valahir Clan Valahir Berserker ValahirBerserkerFull2 60 Aethling Hallbjorn household troops
Kaikoth Confederation Kaikoth Vanguard KaikothVanguardFull 60 Kaikoth nobles
Zann Dynasty Zann Emperor's Guardian ZannEmperorsGuardianFull2 60 Emperor Zann Mandate of Heaven household troops
Church of Faith Templar of Faith TemplarofFaithFull 60 Grand Paladin Siegfried unique spawn and

Order of Faith mercenary company

Freelancer Guild Freelancer Marshal FreelancerMarshalFull 60 Freelancer Guild mercenaries
Outlaws Masnerian Household Guard MasnerianHouseholdGuardFull 60 Lord Ceylius the Dishonorable unique spawn

* Cannot be recruited by the player (always fall dead)

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